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Victim Services Announcements

Our Victim Services Division is up and running and serving our victims, even when we must do so remotely. To best serve our crime victims, we have implemented the following procedure:

  • Victims can continue to call our mail number: (713) 274-0250.
    • You will hear a message in both English and Spanish asking you to leave a message and assuring that someone with return their call as soon as possible.
  • Our Victim Assistance Coordinators and staff are monitoring the messages throughout normal business hours.
  • Our Victim Assistance Coordinators strive to return all calls by the close of business each day.
  • Additionally, our Victim Assistance Coordinators are checking emails throughout the normal business day and will respond as quickly as possible.
    • If you know your Victim Assistance Coordinators’ name, you can email him or her by using this format: lastname_firstname@dao.hctx.net
    • Early in the court process you likely received an email from one of our Victim Assistance Coordinators. You can reply to that email as well if you still have it.


The VINE system is still up and running, so make sure you have registered with VINE to receive updates on jail releases. In addition to the online service, you can contact VINE by phone
1-877-TX4-VINE (1-877-894-8463). This is a toll free number.

For other online questions about victim services, visit Our Website Here.