Essential and Continuing Operations / COVID19: In the interest of the health and safety of our staff and the community, our offices will remain closed to the public, and most of the agency’s prosecutors and staff will work remotely, until further notice. The HCDAO continues to perform key functions in the county criminal justice system and will do so during the Covid-19 pandemic. Click Here for More Information

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Undergraduate Volunteer or Academic Internships

Undergraduate students may apply for an academic or volunteer internship for the fall, spring, or summer semesters. Undergraduate academic and volunteer interns are treated the same and complete the same types of assignments and duties, however, academic interns may receive academic credit from their educational institution. Duties may include assisting in various research projects, facilitating specific projects as necessary and guided by the Code of Criminal Procedure, transcribing witness interviews and telephonic recordings, and providing clerical assistance, such as filing and organizing the daily dockets. In addition, academic interns will be provided with opportunities to observe the daily dockets and trials, as well as learn how a case progresses in the criminal justice system from filing to disposition. Additional assignments may be dictated by a student’s school or professor. All undergraduate academic and volunteer interns will be interviewed and screened by employees of the District Attorney’s Office prior to final approval. Academic interns must also register with and be approved for an academic externship by their school prior to beginning the internship.