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Order stands that prohibits sports bar from selling alcohol

June 11, 2018 

HOUSTON- A judge Monday denied a motion by the Bombshells sports bar on I-45 South to dissolve a temporary restraining order that prohibits the troubled establishment from selling alcohol entirely, the Harris County District Attorney’s Office announced.

The order was granted last week by District Judge Steven Kirkland at the request of the District Attorney’s Office, which contends the establishment at 12810 Gulf Freeway is a common nuisance.

The ownership of the bar acknowledged in court Wednesday that it chose to shut its doors rather than sell just food.

Vehicular Crimes Division Chief Sean Teare and Assistant District Attorney Farheen Ansari Roche, said they were confident about the law regarding closing the business as a nuisance to the community and look forward to a June 29 evidentiary hearing on the merits of the matter.

The district attorney’s office has filed a 52-page document listing at least 90 instances in which people have been arrested at the business since it opened.

Law enforcement has responded to numerous calls regarding shootings, assaults, aggravated robberies, narcotics and other crimes at this there.

The Bombshells has a documented history of serving alcohol to drunk and underage persons and tolerates a wide range of crime on its premises.

The action comes as part of latest step by a new District Attorney’s Office task force that begins its work at the scenes of drunk-driving crashes and works its way backward to determine when and where alcohol was obtained.

In May of this year, a drunk driver directly across the roadway from Bombshells crashed into a Houston Police vehicle that was shielding another accident, and broke both the wrists of a police officer attending the scene.

The motorist was wearing a wristband from Bombshells and admitted to having been there that evening.