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Jury: Ronald Haskell guilty of capital murder

September 26, 2019 

A Harris County jury convicted Ronald Haskell of capital murder Thursday.

The sentencing phase of the case comes next, during which jurors will be presented with several days of evidence regarding whether Haskell should receive life in prison or the death penalty.

Prosecutors are seeking death for Haskell following a brutal July 2014 attack in which six members of the Stay family were shot to death including Katie Stay, 34 and her husband, Stephen Stay, 39 and children Bryan, 13, Emily, 9, Rebecca, 7 and Zach, 4.

“We are grateful for the jurors’ rapt attention over the last many weeks to every piece of evidence in the case,” Harris County DA Kim Ogg said. “There was never a reasonable doubt that Haskell meticulously planned and carried out the slaughter of the Stay family.”