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HCDAO After Hours Task Force: A year later

February 28, 2019 

HOUSTON- Exactly one year ago today, a special task force filed its first charges, which stemmed from a deadly crash in which a mother and her infant were killed by a drunk driver. HCDAO and law enforcement partners have since investigated intoxication manslaughter cases from the scene of the crash, all the way back to bars, restaurants, and convenience stores—holding individuals accountable for overserving alcohol and serving to minors.

“It is our mission to make Harris County a safer county,” Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg said. “In order to do that, we and our partners in law enforcement have to shut down crime drivers— these bars and restaurants where there’s prostitution, drug dealing, and unregulated drinking—leading to the carnage we see way too often on our roads.”

The After-Hours Task Force begins its work at the scenes of drunk-driving crashes and works its way backward to determine when and where alcohol was obtained.  The task force has strong working relationships with law enforcement across Harris County, and has filed various charges over the past year with the goal of rooting out irresponsible practices and deadly behavior.

“We are in the middle of a public health crisis. Year after year, Harris County leads the nation in drunk driving crashes,” Vehicular Crimes Division Chief Sean Teare said. “Our objective is simple: hold everyone accountable for reckless actions and hope people get the message. If you overserve; if you sell to minors; if you’re breaking the law- we will find you and will charge you to the fullest extent of the law.”

We ask for the public’s help in reporting locations they feel overserve customers, operate after 2:15 AM, serve alcohol to minors, sell drugs,  have prostitution or and/or violent crimes.

Please email us at or call 713-274-1500.

Harris County Sheriff’s Department - Vice/Narcotics
Houston Police Department - Vice/Narcotics
Harris County Fire Marshal’s Office
Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission


This is a compilation of our efforts since the Veronica Rivas case, filed on February 28, 2018, when we started actively holding employees of locations selling, serving and/or delivering alcohol to obviously intoxicated individuals, eventually leading to a death or serious bodily injuries to someone in a crash.

Bombshells (Gulf Fwy)
: complied with injunction relief
Fiesta Latina: surrendered alcohol permit in court
Condor Pool Hall: surrendered alcohol permit
Latin Palace/Palacios: enforced injunction already on file by the County Attorney’s Office,
JT’s Sports Bar: cancelled alcohol permit


There were nine joint operations against TABC licensed and unlicensed night clubs linked to intoxication- related fatality cases and after hour liquor violations. Those operations resulted with the following charges:

El Mulle Seafood: Sale/serve alcohol to intoxicated person & forgery of government document
Fiesta Latina: After hours liquor violations & narcotics violations
Valero Handi Stop: Sale/Serve/Deliver alcohol to a minor
Rich’s: Sale/Serve/Deliver alcohol to intoxicated persons & narcotics violations
Latin Palace/Palacios: After hours liquor violations & narcotics violations
Condor Pool Hall: After hours liquor violations & narcotics violations
Servi-Car El 3: Sale/Serve/Deliver alcohol to minor
JT’s Sports Bar: Narcotics violations
El Corral: After hours liquor violations & narcotics violations


CHARGES FILED by HCDA – Vehicular Crimes Division
16 Criminal Charges Filed


43 Criminal Charges Filed