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Fraud Examiner

The Harris County District Attorney’s Office employs Fraud Examiners in the Major Fraud Division, Consumer Fraud, and the Public Integrity Division. The Major Fraud Division specializes in investigating and prosecuting all types of white-collar crimes (swindles, frauds, thefts, insurance fraud, misapplications, mortgage fraud, etc.) as opposed to street crimes. The Consumer Fraud Division specializes in investigating and prosecuting all types of criminally fraudulent conduct that occurs, at least in part, in Harris County, Texas. The Consumer Fraud Division often works in conjunction with other law enforcement or regulatory agencies in investigating potentially fraudulent conduct that occurs in the marketplace. The Public Integrity Division specializes in investigating and prosecuting criminal allegations against public servants in their official capacity.

The duties of a Fraud Examiner, under the supervision of prosecutors and/or investigators, include but not limited to the following:


  1. Interviewing individuals who are victims, witnesses, and suspects for the purpose of:
  • Determining the criminal potential of each complaint.
  • Developing all facets of any criminal schemes and obtaining all testimony and documentary evidence to establish the commission of a crime.
  1. Review and analyze financial records to identify and trace stolen funds to their final disposition.
  2. Preparation of evaluation reports and evidentiary exhibits to assist the prosecutors in grand jury presentations and at trial, including giving witness testimony.
  3. Testifying as an expert witness.