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District Attorney Ogg announces life sentence for ambush murder

June 21, 2019 

Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg announced Friday that Antonio Hopkins-McGee was sentenced to life in prison for the murder of a 21-year-old man he ambushed and shot seven times.

“Our prosecutors work around the clock to keep violent criminals off the streets and hold them accountable,” Ogg said. “After jurors heard how an innocent young man was gunned down by this vicious killer, they made it clear with this punishment that they never again want him on the streets of our community or any community.”

Darren Young was walking through his southwest Houston apartment complex on his way to help his great-aunt who lived nearby, when he was shot about 10 a.m. on Nov. 21, 2017.

Evidence presented during the four-day trial showed that Hopkins-McGee shot Young in the back as he tried to flee. While Young was helpless on the ground with a severed spinal cord, testimony showed, Hopkins-McGee stood over him and continued shooting.

Houston Police officers testified that Hopkins-McGee was a drug dealer whose phone was full of photos of drugs and drug price lists. He also had selfies with several different semi-automatic pistols, the same kind of gun he used to kill Young.

Young, who grew up in Houston and worked at a nearby grocery store, did not have a criminal record and was not suspected of any wrongdoing.

His loss was devastating to his family, who testified at trial.

“The mother of victim said her son was her whole life, her best friend,” said Assistant District Attorney Mary Grace Bullard, who prosecuted the case. “During her victim impact statement, she said there would be no more birthdays, no more Christmases, no more New Year’s Eves to celebrate. But because of the conviction and life sentence they would finally be able to begin the impossible task of healing from their son’s murder.”

PLEASE NOTE: Antonio Hopkins-McGee (SPN 1634395, DOB 10/16/1998) was convicted of murder in cause #1634395. His father, who has the same name, also is currently incarcerated in the Harris County jail under the SPN 02907712.