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District Attorney files position on bail bond litigation

News Release

March 3, 2017



Harris County District Attorney



District Attorney files position on bail bond litigation


Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg filed a position statement Friday in U.S. District Court in Houston to share her view regarding ongoing litigation about the county’s bail schedule.

“Our primary concern is public safety. We do that by being smart on crime,” Ogg said. “When people are charged with minor offenses and do not present  significant risks of flight or danger to the community      , releasing them on their own recognizance, or with minimal restrictions, is called for by both the Texas and U.S. Constitutions.“

“The issue at the heart of the current federal litigation, to which we are not a party but are watching closely, is whether defendants charged with minor offenses are being held behind bars solely because of their inability to pay bondsmen’s fees, not because of legitimate concerns about their willingness to appear in court, “Ogg said. “  If we hold people under those circumstances,  that is not justice.”

Attached is the document for your review and consideration.