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DA says “Enough” as sports bar temporarily forbidden from serving alcohol

June 6, 2018 

HOUSTON- A sports bar prosecutors describe as a “crime factory,” linked to dozens of arrests for drunk driving, assaults and at least one death, is temporarily banned from selling alcohol, Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg announced Wednesday.

A Temporary Restraining Order issued by District Judge Steven Kirkland today comes as part of an effort by the district attorney’s office to close the doors at the Bombshells located at 12810 Gulf Freeway.

“Given the number of crimes committed by intoxicated Bombshells patrons, this place is a crime factory,” Ogg said. “In addition to holding individual drunks accountable for their carnage, we want to stop the mayhem at its source.”

The action is the latest step by a new District Attorney’s Office task force that begins its work at the scenes of drunk-driving crashes, and works backward to determine when and where alcohol was obtained.

This Bombshells has a documented history of serving alcohol to drunk and underage persons and tolerates a wide range of crime on the premises, declares the motion filed by Vehicular Crimes Chief Sean Teare.

Bombshells is “notorious for criminal activity and violence,” notes the 52- page document. “At least 90 people have been arrested at the business since it opened.

Law enforcement has responded to numerous calls regarding shootings, assaults, aggravated robberies, narcotics, and other crimes there.

Members of gangs such as Hermanos de Pistoleros Latinos and Tango Blast, have repeatedly been arrested at the bar.

Patrons have been seen openly, as well as privately, snorting drugs, attempting to sell drugs and outright dropping packets on the floor.

The motion lists dozens of incidents of criminality going back to 2014 in which Houston Police have been dispatched.

Over and over again, Bombshells served customers who were already drunk and belligerent.

In January 2015, an off-duty officer working weekend security there, shot and killed a patron who pointed a gun at him in the parking lot.

Among the other violence, a waitress was repeatedly punched in the face by a female customer angered after being told there was a waiting list for a table.

Another’s boyfriend wrapped his hands around her throat and choked her.

Security guards have been punched, kicked, threatened, verbally abused and spit on, as well as had guns pointed at them.

In another instance, as police arrested a man who had been fighting with security guards, he told one of the officers, “I hope your wife dies. I hope your kids die. I hope your whole (expletive) family dies.”

In February of this year, a patron said he feared being attacked in the parking lot following an argument inside the bar. As a group of men approached him, he fired two shots into the air and the group dispersed.

In May of this year, a drunk driver directly across the roadway from Bombshells crashed into a Houston Police car that was shielding another accident, and broke both of the officer’s wrists.

The motorist was wearing a wrist band from Bombshells and admitted to having been there that evening. He unsuccessfully fled on foot and was captured a short distance away.

“This is not about going after responsible, law-abiding establishments,” Teare said. “This is about shutting down one of the worst offenders in the county. This is about stopping mayhem and carnage.”

Prosecutors are seeking to have the establishment closed for being a “nuisance” and violating both the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Code and the Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code.

In addition to the temporary restraining order, the district attorney’s office is seeking a temporary, and ultimately a permanent injunction to abate the nuisance by closing the bar.

The Bombshells location named in the motion is owned by BMB Dining Services, and is independent of other Bombshells located in the Harris County area.

The next step is a temporary injunction hearing June 29 in which evidence, including witnesses would be presented for a judge.