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Guiding Principles


Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg
Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg


Welcome to the Harris County District Attorney’s Office. As the elected District Attorney, it is my duty to prosecute criminal cases in Harris County. 

The Harris County District Attorney’s Office is comprised of 329 prosecutors, 90 investigators and 277 support personnel who are dedicated to making our community safer through evidence-based prosecution.  This means guaranteeing a fair process with the goal of obtaining a just result for the victim, the accused and the community in every case. 

HCDAO has been guided by a core set of principles that have shaped policy change and resulted in the implementation of new program initiatives. Because difficult decisions arise every day during the administration of justice, the District Attorney and her staff rely upon these principles in seeking fair and equal justice for the people of Harris County.

To accomplish these goals, we promise:

  • To use taxpayer money efficiently;

  • To make decisions about criminal cases based on evidence, not relationships;

  • To strive for equality in our use of prosecutorial discretion;

  • To treat all crime victims with dignity and fairness;

  • To also treat those accused of criminal offenses with dignity and fairness;

  • To recognize mental illness as a public-health concern;

  • To collaborate with other governmental and law enforcement agencies so that we can solve and prosecute crimes more effectively;

  • To utilize the expertise of specialty division prosecutors for crimes requiring subject matter knowledge;

  • To actively seek input and participation by the diverse communities of the greater Houston area;

  • To utilize technology to improve case management, service to our constituents, and employee accountability;

  • To be mindful of our duty to see that justice is done, and as representatives of the people, to be transparent in our actions;  

  • To act with professionalism in every situation.