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Man gets 50 years for sexually abusing young girl

Fidel Morales

Media Advisory

May 12, 2017


Man gets 50 years for sexually abusing young girl; will be eligible at age 92


A Houston plumber was sentenced to 50 years in prison Friday for sexually molesting a young girl for more than a year.

Fidel Morales, 42, would abuse the girl in her bedroom, according to testimony during a week-long trial in the 232nd District Court.

His crimes only stopped after the girl told her mother, who immediately took her to the hospital and contacted Houston Police.

Jurors heard a second victim, also a young girl, who testified that she was similarly molested by Morales for nearly three years.

Morales was convicted of continuous sexual abuse of a child. Due to the type crime, he will not eligible for parole and would be 92 when he is to be released.

“Morales will essentially spend the rest of his behind bars after he destroyed the lives of two young girls,” said Harris County Assistant District Attorney JoAnne Musick, chief of the Sex Crimes Division. 

“Children are our most vulnerable victims. Unable to fight back. Unable to speak up for themselves, especially when an authority figure is involved,” Musick said. “Our law provides for stiffer sentences in cases in which such abuse extends over a period of time and we will seek the maximum penalty.”