Other Divisions FAQ

The Check Fraud Division of the District Attorney's Office is responsible for investigating and prosecuting the offense of theft by check.

The Check Fraud Division is part of the Special Prosecutions Bureau of the Harris County District Attorney's Office. The Check Fraud Division is one of the few divisions at the District Attorney's Office that is able to take reports of criminal conduct directly from the victim of the crime. In virtually all other crimes, allegations of criminal conduct are reported to the police, and the District Attorney's Office reviews the police report to decide what charges, if any, are appropriate. The cases that can ordinarily be handled by the Check Fraud Division without the necessity of a police report are those in which a person writes his or her own check in exchange for goods, services or cash, and in which the victim can identify that person.

A checkwriter may also be prosecuted by the Check Fraud Division for a violation of a issuance of a bad check if a check was given to pay court ordered child support and was later dishonored by the bank on which it was drawn. You will need to obtain a certified copy of the decree establishing the obligation for child support and follow the directions in the How to file section below.